Monday, July 21, 2014

The Big TMNT Day

As I have mentioned before, my husband and I's wedding was Ninja Turtle themed. It started off as a joke by my then fiance. He posted a status asking people to like it for a TMNT themed wedding, and a bunch of people liked it and it eventually grew on me. I LOVE colors, I love to have fun, and I really wanted him to have a big part in planning the wedding. So I decided to create this post in case anyone else would like to create their own TMNT wedding :)
WHAT COLOR?!: Right off the bat, we decided to have four bridesmaids and groomsmen each so they could each be their own "ninja turtle." For the girls, it was pretty easy. I asked them out of each of the colors (blue, purple, orange, and red) what they wanted to wear. I had the most amazing bridesmaids and each one chose a different color so there was no argument :) With the groomsmen, it was a bit different. The Best Man was automatically blue since Leonardo is the leader of the group. The rest they just sorted out based on which personality fit better. Who knew boys could be so complicated! :) The girls and I went over to David's Bridal and chose the shade of colors that we wanted with our very helpful David's Bridal employee. We knew we wanted the same design of dress since they were going to be different colors, and if both were different then you couldn't tell who was the actual bridesmaids!

CAKE: Next came the cake. We had the same company arrange our flowers and make our cake so we only had to go in for one meeting to get this all sorted out. We decided to have cupcakes and each one would be a different ninja turtle of a different flavor. Since this was a fall wedding, we included fall flavors. Leonardo was maple walnut, Donatello was carrot cake, Michelangelo was pumpkin, and Raphael was red velvet. We also ordered a mini cake that was used as the cake that we cut which included mini ninja turtle faces around the sides and our initials on the top. As our cake topper, we just went to walmart and got a Leonardo and April O'Neil action figure doll and placed them at the top. And of course, they had weapons ;). 

FLOWERS:  We received the flowers from the same place as the tuxes and cake (vendors listed at the bottom of the post). After searching through books I fell in love with carnations! They look so great arranged together and were also cost effective! I decided to wear a baby's breath flower crown instead of a veil because it was much more natural to me, so we cupped the carnations with some baby's breath on the bouquets. We added little personal touches with fabric wrapped around the stems of the flowers, too!

 FAVORS: One of the most fun pieces of this wedding was creating the favors. We decided to make ninja turtle masks for the guests and decorate the reception with these colorful masks. It brightened up the space and added a little personal touch from us. We got blue, purple, orange, and red fabric from our local fabric store and cut little holes for eyes through them. It was as simple as that! I had a girls night with my bridesmaids and we made about half of the masks while my husband and I finished making the rest at a later date. We also created mini bags of skittles as favors that were the ninja turtle colors. But looking back, I feel like this was totally unnecessary and was actual a bit expensive! So ditch the skittles if you plan on doing a tmnt themed wedding too!

DECORATIONS: For random decorations throughout the reception, we found some ninja turtle posters, piggy bank, and shot glasses. The poster we found at Bull Moose Music which is a local entertainment store. We were in there to find a movie one night and the poster was sitting right by the counter. I would most certainly call that fate! We placed it at the gifts table and it is now hanging in our bedroom! We also wanted to help out a local homeless shelter that was starting up so when we found a ninja turtle piggy bank, it was perfect for some of our guests to place their donations in there. Since the wedding, we have used it for multiple fundraisers and it really gets people's attention! We found this at WalMart. The shot glasses were actually a gift from my husband's dad and we decided to decorate our sweetheart table with them and placed lit tealight candles in them. It was a cute little decoration that added a special touch to our table.

WEAPONS: So this last category is one that I did not even know about until after the ceremony. After the receiving line and taking a few shots of us freshly married, the groomsmen come barreling around the corner with weapons. They came up and asked me if it was alright if they had them and took pictures with them. Obviously, I said yes! It was so fun to include weapons (they weren't real) in our wedding pictures and pretend we were going to fight the boys while all they had were some flowers to protect them.

Here are some pictures of our venue! Saddleback Mountain is absolutely beautiful and we had such a wonderful experience working with the whole team!!

I hope you enjoyed learning about my super fun (but I believe it was also super beautiful) wedding! If you share our love of TMNT then we encourage you to do the same. Just make sure to send me some pictures :D

Photography: Fortier Photography
Ceremony,  Reception & Catering: Saddleback Mountain
Planners & Designers: JoAnne Taylor at Saddleback Mountain
Bridal Shop: House of Brides
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal
Cakes, Tuxes, Flowers: Skowhegan Fleuriste & The Bankery
Hair & Makeup: A family friend, Tatiana Curtis
Officiant: Our Pastor, Ira Hall
DJ: The Bride's Cousin, Josh DeBoer

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