Saturday, August 2, 2014

The TMNT Wedding Video

Our photographer and our friend recording us cutting the cake!
Hello everyone :D I am, once again, posting about my wedding. My husband and I's one year anniversary is coming up, so obviously I am getting all giddy about it!

For this wedding video, we had one of our friends record it using our own camcorder that we actually received from our flower girls family as an early wedding gift. My grandmother was in the hospital and could not go to the wedding, so I really wanted her to still feel part of our special day and get to witness it. As a side note, we had some remarkable people involved in our wedding and are the luckiest people in the WORLD!

We have a Sony HDR-CX220 Handycam which is small and lightweight! Perfect for recording a wedding because it would not be getting in the way of the photographer or anyone else for that matter! So our lovely friend recorded the boys getting ready, some shots of the reception and ceremony venue, our entire ceremony, the speeches/toasts, cutting the cake, and our introductions. It was awesome to be able to look back on everything and see stuff that I missed. I really loved seeing the boys get ready because you can see how nervous my sweetie pie was :p

To edit this video, I used iMovie. iMovie is great, you can add in transitions, music, special effects, change the audio and visual settings, but I kept getting the spinning wheels of death while editing and would have to force quit and pray that all the changes I made had saved. It was a long process to do and man, I wonder what else might have been better software to do it with or if I should have just asked a pro to edit it. Although those minor things had happened, I posted my edited version for you all to see :)
You can see there was some issues with random green spots and sometimes you could hearing yelling children in the background (people were hiking during the ceremony and not realizing a wedding was going on, it was super funny) but there is beauty in imperfections, they say! Enjoy :D

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