Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Meaning Behind the Title

Many of you may wonder why I chose "Treats. Marriage. New Experiences. Trials" as the name of my blog. Well, TMNT is something that means a whole lot to me. My husband and I's wedding was Ninja Turtle themed (post to come later on that). Our children are most likely going to dress in ninja turtle costumes, we own a million (or it seems like it) tmnt trinkets, and have a new passion for the comics and television show...we won't talk about the Michael Bay movie though...

So here is why I have decided to title my blog:

TREATS: I hope to share with you all some yummy recipes I come across, or end up making since I am constantly creating and baking up something new. Baking is something I truly love doing and I think it is one of my natural gifts. I also want to share more of my "sweeter" moments in life. Ways in which Jesus has blessed me more than I could ever imagine or deserve.

MARRIAGE: My husband and I were recently married in October of 2013. So I guess technically we are still newlyweds for another couple of months. Marriage is difficult, it really tests you, but it is also the biggest blessing I have received! I expect to include many moments with my husband that are super special to me and also moments that I hope others can learn from.

NEW EXPERIENCES: I am only 22 years old. I just recently graduated from college, and I am (hopefully) going to teach in the fall. There are going to be so many first and new experiences for me that I know I will want to share. I can't predict what will happen but I know I have quite a few years of first experiences coming along.

TRIALS: Just like I am going to have new experiences, I am going to have trials. But they are always ways in which to glorify God and learn. I hope to share my testimony, and how God is building on that each and every day.

Although I have social media and such, I feel like I can't really truly express myself on there. I hope others can get to know my goofy, silly, Jesus-loving self and how I am continuing to grow as a person and in faith. 

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